The Labouchere System Explained

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The Labouchere System, is a little like the Martingale System, and many players enjoy playing this particular system due to the fact that bet sizes do not increase as dramatically as they are required to in some. Often called the Split Martingale System, the Labouchere also allows you to set a profit target and is a pretty simple system to learn and try out for yourself.

To play using the Labouchere System you must first set a profit target for the sequence, and for the following example, we will use a target of $5. You will then need to split up that target amount into a list, something like...1,2,2, with those numbers adding up to your target number of $5. You then begin making bets by adding together the first and the last numbers on the list, and in this example that would be 1+2=3, meaning you would begin with a $3 bet. If this bet should win, then those numbers are crossed off the list, meaning that the only number left would be 2, and that would be your next bet. If that bet then wins, you have reached your profit target.

Should the first bet lose however, then the amount of that bet (3) would be added to the list, making your list look like this..1,2,2,3 and therefore the next bet in your sequence would be 1+3=4. The logic behind the system is that in even bets, and when winning bets occur, numbers are crossed off the list as twice as fast as they are added, and this means that to make a profit, only 1/3 bets need to be won.

The Problems With The Labouchere System

The Labouchere System is a negative progression system which means that it replaces small wins and losses with small wins and large losses. Unlike the Martingale System, bets do not grow exponentially however, the Labouchere does not take into account that when losses occur, those losses can be very large, and it also fails to contend with the depletion of a bankroll. It is however a fun system to try out and players of many casino games may find that over a short period of time then some wins may come along with the fun, however in reality it will never beat the house advantage.