Managing a Blackjack Bankroll

Managing your blackjack bankroll is just as important as actually learning optimal blackjack strategy or any blackjack card counting techniques. Without good money management skills your steadily built hard earned blackjack bankroll can disappear very easily and very quickly. While casual online blackjack players may simply wish to deposit $50, take a blackjack casino bonus and see how things go, the more serious player, the player who wants to win consistently, will not only learn the game, but learn how to manage the cash too, and there are several easy ways to do this.

Roll That Blackjack Bonus

When you get signed up to an RTG blackjack casino you will be offered a great initial welcome bonus. It goes without saying that, after you have made sure you’ve got the right bonus, that you should accept it, however this is where your bankroll management comes into play. That bonus will of course have terms and conditions attached to it and your first blackjack task is to clear those wagering requirements thus giving you a great boost to your real money account.

Remember that until the bonus is cleared it is classed as bonus money, and you may not withdraw it, those funds need to be rolled. So how do you do that? You play a tight game is how you do it. When rolling a blackjack bonus, the serious player will play optimal strategy without taking any risks at all. During the period of play when you are attempting to clear a bonus, even staying at evens against the dealer will be clearing your bonus funds, and that should be your aim. It may take some time, but that is the very best start you can get. You should also play extremely tight with no risk taking when rolling blackjack reload bonuses and free casino chips too...doing this gives your blackjack bankroll a great kickstart.

Play the Long Game

Serious blackjack players will know that it’s a very rare occasion that you’ll take your seat at a table and quickly double up your stack, and they realize that it can take a while, especially when playing the game correctly. There’s little use in taking continuous risks, always doubling and splitting, and those players that safeguard their bankroll by not taking these risks are the players that will stand the better chance against the dealer. Remember that when playing blackjack, the house edge is very small, there are subtle shifts involved between the player and the dealer, and while taking calculated risks is a good thing, especially when you’re on a good run of cards, consistent doubling, splitting and raising your bet will harm your long term objective, which is to build a good bankroll. Stay focused, don’t raise your bets when losing a few hands and keep in mind that you are here for the longer grind.

Split Your Funds and Know When to Run

Many good blackjack players will split a bankroll into several amounts, and this is a good idea, especially after you’ve cleared a large blackjack bonus. The best players will never take their whole bankroll to the tables, there will always be some in reserve, and this is something that you should get used to doing. Let’s say that you have a bankroll of $500 and you’re heading to the tables. There is nothing wrong with leaving the majority of that behind and only taking 20% of it with you. This gives you a safety net, and one that allows you to return another time should the session not have gone your way, and this leads us on to the last point...know when to run.

Knowing when to leave the blackjack table is one of the most important things in blackjack money management, in fact it’s one of the most important things in the game....period. No matter if you’re on a good streak or a bad one, you have to know when the time is right to go. If you’ve had a good run and the cards have just turned against you then walk away, stash that cash and you’re good to come back another time, and if you just can’t beat the dealer from the off, then don’t sit around waiting to find out exactly how long your bad luck will last...walk away and come back another time, your chosen online casino isn’t going anywhere and it will be available for you to try again another time.