Perfect Blackjack Strategy and Expected Profit

There is only way to play blackjack perfectly without counting cards and that is to play optimal blackjack strategy. Optimal strategy works in both online casinos and in land based casinos and it is used to decide the best possible decision that the player can make in any given circumstances. When a blackjack players used optimal strategy and plays perfectly then they will cut the house edge right down to just 0.42%, which is still a house advantage, but it is as low as you are ever going to get it. Basic strategy can be used at any time, and as there is no card counting involved every single hand is independent of the other meaning that it doesn’t matter when the deck is shuffled and at what stage of the shoe the dealer may be at.

The Basic Blackjack Strategy Chart

The below chart is optimal blackjack strategy in a nutshell. It tells you exactly what you should be doing in any given situation when playing blackjack either in a land based casino or online. There are no tricks or gimmicks to blackjack strategy, it is simple mathematical formula that determines exactly what you should do when

Expected Profit When Playing Optimal Strategy

When using the blackjack strategy chart it must be remembered that the house still has an advantage, however it is a very small one, at at 0.42% players can definitely take advantage of a ‘hot deck’ by raising bets appropriately when using it. It must also be remembered that this strategy is not a gambling theory, it is simple and basic factual maths. There is no betting system that will guarantee you a profit and while some offer short term gain, the house advantage will always overcome.